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Jimbaran Villas with ocean views

Jimbaran Villas – Stylish Beach View & Beachfront Villas in Jimbaran

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Stylish Villas in Jimbaran for Rent

The white sandy beach of Jimbaran is one of the best beaches in Bali. The water is not rough and the sunset view is remarkable. Some of the fine white sandy beaches around Jimbaran suitable for surfing. For having a beach vacation, Jimbaran is the best spot to be.

Jimbaran located only a five to ten minutes drive from the international airport of Ngurah Rai. There are many available Stylish Beach View & Beachfront Villas in Jimbaran that rents their room to visitors, even some of the villas located on the beachfront side or cliff front side.

The amazing and relaxing private villas in Jimbaran offer not just quality services but also offer breathtaking views of ocean views or even beachfront views and also plenty things to do. Staying on Jimbaran villas will be a beach vacation some true. If you want to relax, unwind from the pressure of life and want to get closer to nature, Jimbaran is the ideal place to go. This beach destination caters from couples seeking romance as well as families looking to spend quality vacation together.

The Balinese style private Jimbaran villas equipped with latest facilities and amenities will pampers your vacation right from the day you arrived. Exploring the Jimbaran area or just spending time by the villa pool or the beach will be a rewarding experiences.

Jimbaran beach is an excellent beach vacation spot, offering something for the entire family. There is always something to do right here in jimbaran no matter what time of the year you visit. For a beach vacation, Jimbaran is where you need to be.

Stylish Beach View & Beachfront Villas in Jimbaran List

Villa King Jimbaran Pool
Villa King Jimbaran
Share This: Villa King Jimbaran is one of the luxury villa on The Royalty Villas compound. This Jimbaran villa located
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Villa Latitude Jimbaran
Villa Latitude Jimbaran
Share This: Cliff Front Villa – The Spectacular Villa Latitude Jimbaran Bali One of the iconic and spectacular cliff front
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Villa The Jewel Jimbaran Views
Villa The Jewel Jimbaran
Share This: Cliff Front View Villa The Jewel Jimbaran Villa The Jewel Jimbaran located within the Tiara Nusa private estate
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Villa Karang Kembar 3 Jimbaran Beach
Villa Karang Kembar 3 Jimbaran
Share This: Ocean View Villa Karang Kembar 3 Jimbaran Villa karang Kembar 3 Jimbaran is a Bali family accommodation in
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Villa Queen Jimbaran Pool
Villa Queen Jimbaran
Share This: Villa Queen Jimbaran Beautiful and Great Views Villa Queen Jimbaran is one of the villa on The Royalty
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Villa Jamalu Jimbaran Pool
Villa Jamalu Jimbaran
Share This: Top of the Hill Villa Jamalu Jimbaran The Villa jamalu Jimbaran located around Jimbaran bay area close to
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Nyang Nyang Beach Uluwatu
Nyang Nyang Beach Uluwatu Jimbaran
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Suluban beach Jimbaran
Suluban Beach Jimbaran
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Labuan Sait Beach
Labuan Sait Beach
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Villa The Beji
Villa The Beji
Villa SHamballa
Villa Shamballa
Villa Ramadewa
Villa Ramadewa