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Padang Padang Beach

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Surfing on Padang Padang Beach

Located near from Bingin beach and Impossible beach, the Padang Padang beach offer the surfer the best waves in Bali. Just follow the road along to Uluwatu temple and turn right at the Pecatu village and you will reach the Padang Padang beach on the left.
Awesome #waves at padang padang beach #bali ??. I love to watching surfer around the world in this area. ? ?. Favorite places for surfing.  Take your time guys ??? to get there ? so muc

The beach accessed through a small paved way below the cliff. From the cliff you can see the view of people surfing below. Along the paved road and also along the beach there are small warungs where you can enjoy lunch and dinner.
Padang Padang - Bali
padang padang beach

Beach Location Map